Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I decided to make some simple parfaits for tonight. I whipped up my favorite recipe of chocolate pudding (find the recipe here) and some whipped cream, then layered the two with some frozen raspberry too. Admittedly I need to work on my presentation, Martha Stewart I am not, I am more of a Julie Childs and I am ok with that.

I think to myself this growing up is not all it is cracked up to be. I mean losing that innocence of youth, the belief in love, and loving like you do when you put all of you into it and expect magic. It is sad that sometimes the eyes I look through are so corrupted and tainted with the side of life you learn about the older you get. It seems like this becomes a weight, a burden that just bares right down on my shoulders making me stoop so that I am looking right down at my feet watching the ground as I walk instead of looking up to the sky and seeing the life around me. OK that was way too much for a morning conversation...

I just want to simplify things so much more this year. I guess that is my resolution...simplify my life. All the other crap I want to change I think would come with the simplification. Simplify; cut out the clutter, the negative crap the extraneous bull poop. Simplify; make things from scratch, grow my own, learn new things. Simplify; focus on the most very important things (my boys and husband, friends) stop wasting so much time on the fillers that are in retrospect time bandits (bills, money, what I have or do not have, what if...).

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