Friday, January 7, 2011


Here is a little handy tip that you might already know. Onions, I like to buy them on sale and as much as I can. Obviously I do not use them all right away, we are not some kind of freaks over here. I cut off the ends remove the paper skin and slice the onion, bagging all the slices into a ziplock. I label the ziplock and toss it into the freezer. It is easy to grab some onion out of the ziplock and use the slices or dice it up for cooking. Bonus I do not have to cry everytime a meal calls for seems I am really sensitive to the onion gas. Apparently this time I waited a little too long before preparing the onions for the freezer,
I still used these I just popped out the sprouted portions in each ring and tossed that into the compost bin.

I do this with green onion, citrus zest and even potatoes. The potatoes I cook first, when I bake potatoes I will bake an oven full. I try to buy potatoes on sale in large quantities. I bake my own fries, plus after I bake potatoes I like to take ALOT and grate them into hash browns. I throw them into sandwich size bags (like 2-3 servings in a bag) label and toss into the freezer. I love hash browns in the morning with an egg, and I loathe the prices they charge for premade hash browns. I would call it a symbiotic relationship it works so well, but in all honestly I do not see how the potato is benefiting.

I am trying this with lemon juice, I froze the juice from a lemon I zested in a little container, then popped it into a ziplock that I threw back into the freezer. I have not had to use it yet, but how can that go wrong? I want to try freezing celery in pieces because I never seem to use it all when I buy it. Normally I try to make a vegetable stock when I find myself with leftover produce. Of course I then freeze it into large 1 cup serving size ice cubes, tag and bag it.

I am totally beaming with pride as E tried a bicycle for the first time today. Yes out in the 20 degree weather all bundled up like a tick about to pop. He got right up on that seat and went for it. He did well balancing (he of course has training wheels) and he peddled well enough. Apparently it is pretty confusing peddling when peddling backwards makes you stop. He needs to get the rhythm down, going forward instead of forward then backward, herky-jerky style.

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