Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, I know, winter has barely begun and I am dreaming about spring. I have to say that this winter has been a buzz kill, we have gotten next to no snow just cold. Then yesterday we had this beautiful 50 degree day that made me feel like gardening. SIGH. Last year, more snow then we had places to put it, this year will be known as the brown winter. It does not help my itch that the lemon tree is not only blossoming, but now it is trying to grow lemons...I love this plant.

To make my itch to garden worse I went ahead and ordered some seed for next years garden. I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I LOVE SEED SAVER'S EXCHANGE! I have decided in addition to my peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, melon and peppers I saved from last year's bounty to add eggplant, carrots, paste tomatoes, more cucumbers and sweet peppers. I have Tom Thumb variety peas for the porch (container plant) and thought they would keep some container tomatoes good company so I purchased a paste tomato and an eating tomato that do well in containers. I want more tomatoes then humanly possible to eat this year. I am hoping to add another raised bed and a cover for one of the beds so I can start the tomatoes and peppers earlier this year. I did buy more lettuce and this time, some different types. I have learned from last year...seed thinly really means seed thinly.

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