Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I finished, finally. Here it is one blanket set to go for the next Project Linus meeting in February. I will be starting another one here after I edge this one.
Isn't it a thing of beauty?
This is a 9-patch baby throw, I used the pattern found here at Lion Brand Yarn (free registration). I had to alter it slightly because I needed the blanket to be larger to donate. I used 34 chain stitches.

Ok, so I have been treating a particular cookbook like a red-headed step-child. I have avoided it, and shoved it into the back of the cupboard. Today, for some reason beyond my comprehension I pulled it out. I opened it up to the first recipe page, and barely into the book I have found a handful of recipes I want to make NOW. What was I thinking, why did I leave this cookbook sit so long? Delusional, must have been delusional. Dear Betty Crocker Best of Baking I am sorry, can you and I be friends, put our past differences behind us? Thank you Betty you are a doll.

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