Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I entered into this project MCP Project 52 where I have to take 52 pictures in one year, so 1 a week. I just felt like it to be honest, not one to commit this is out of my character but I like taking pictures. The first week was a collaborative effort with Mister and we came up with this...
The theme was, Around the House, I love marbles I have two glass blocks filled one with blue marbles the other with green. Mister took the green marbles and dumped them in our mortise and pestle.

This week's theme is, Illustrate a Song, and we have settled on Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton and submitted this photo
Obviously the bottom of a bell, that is more turquoise then blue but hey that is splitting hairs and I have enough of those on my head I do not need to split anymore.

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