Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Waiting alot this week. Mister bought me a new camera for Christmas this year, and considering that this is the first Christmas in over 6 years we have actually bought gifts for each other, not just kids and family I am more then excited. It is nice to be able to get something that means so much to me, my POS Nikon leaves a lot to be desired. Once I get my new camera I will post pics of the ridiculous thing I have been using. Plus I have to capture a picture of my lemon tree blossoming before small fingers get to the flowers.

I got a call from the pediatric dentist yesterday and he went over the procedures for E's dental work on Friday. Every night I watch him sleep, making sure he is breathing through his nose. He appears healthy, no cold, no fever, but can one ever be too sure? So now we wait, wait until Friday to go into the hospital to have all of his cavities taken care of, I am just praying that when he gets into E's mouth and cleans out the cavities that he does not have to perform a baby root canal.

My big plan today is get some cleaning out of the way so I can play with the camera when it gets here. I know me and I will be worthless once the new toy arrives. SO I am off to bake some sugar cookies, a different recipe then my normal, and clean the hard floors. So hopefully I will have pictures of the finished cookies later...and probably a butt ton more as I will no doubt over do pics with the new camera.

Can you tell I am excited?

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