Sunday, December 12, 2010


Early morning courtesy of the boys... and I need some coffee. I am not sure what caused the 3 am rousing but we came downstairs as a committee, only the baby left in his crib. Honestly, I am sure that he is awake laying or sitting there, but I am hoping (evil that I am) that he wakes Mister so that he will come downstairs and make his french toast that he promised to this weekend. Heck he did buy the bread for it, we use the King's Hawaiian loaf bread, it is so sweet and soft to begin with it makes tasty french toast. We also like the fact we cut the bread, so we make the slices Texas toast thick. I have made a cinnamon swirl bread for french toast, just not lately, thinking I need to make some again, oooohhhhh or maybe a coffee cake.

I have been looking around and decided it is time, once again, to declutter. I need to simplify and clear my space and mind. I just seem to have the natural tendency to pile and cram stuff into every nook and cranny. I hoard information, it is quite comical. I get a magazine, I tear out pages that interest me; hobby information (how to, or tricks and ideas), gardening (tips, advice, information on plants, pests etc), finances and the list goes on. I have so many projects started, but it seems like since I am never able to complete any task from start to finish because I have children I carried multi-tasking over into my crafts as well.

I am going to go make some coffee and contemplate sense in moving too fast LOL

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