Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ok, so maybe a bit of my melodramatic tendencies are surfacing, it was not a debacle, it just FELT like one. Friday December 10th E went into the hospital to have dental work done. E, being the younger of the two going in for dental work, was the first patient. I kept a timeline of the day's events that began early morning for me at 4:30 am dressing myself and getting the things to bring with together.

5:30 am we left home, we stopped at the grocery store along the way to pick up some juice and jello for E  to have when he made it into recovery. We also had to stop for coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts, but to be sympathetic to E I did not eat or drink since he could food or water after midnight.

6:20 am we arrived at the hospital made our way up to same day surgery and checked in. We only waited a few minutes before being called back to the recovery room area.

7:30 am E had b/p taken and we were given a gown for him to put on. E was not very cooperative, he was hungry, thirsty and did not want to take off his warm clothes for the foreign hospital gown. He went limp, thrashed about, screamed and cried. We talked with the anesthesiologist, and E's dentist.

7:45 am the nicest nurse came by and talked to E then gave me a gown to suit up into so that I could accompany E back to the OR. I carried my little gnome down the hall into that scary looking room, and laid him on the warming pad. He is so little. I stand next to his left side, talking to him as they put on sticker monitors, O2 sensors, and show him how to blow the balloon, which is really the anesthesia mask. After a few minutes of the mask E starts to fight, he thrashes about and they pin him down and all I can do is stroke his arm and tell him I love him, he is asleep now and I am escorted out.

8 am I am back in the waiting room we started in, and I am crying. I sew like a fiend, setting my total focus on the sewing while Mister runs out to Dunkin' for more coffee because our cups have magically emptied. I only look up every so often to check the clock. It seems like forever...

11:05 am I am called back to recovery, E is out of OR. I hear him before I ever see him. He is crying and unhappy with the IV in his arm. I walk in and they immediately get me a rocking chair and put him in my lap. He is so very hot from being kept on the heating pad, I love this little boy, and he is so unhappy. He begs and pleads for me to remove the IV, between passing out for short bouts of naps. The dentist says he did not have to do any extractions, just caps and fillings.

11:30 am we are moved into the larger room of recovery and E is in my lap, they give him juice which he proceeds to suck down along with 3 more glasses. He refuses the jello, my kids do not like jello. We watch the Disney channel and E naps a few more times

1 pm They finally remove the IV and we dress E back into his clothes and he goes to the bathroom to pee. We are discharged.

1:20 we are on our way home

A very exhausting day, and E did wonderfully. I now call him robo kid, because his cute little white molars are now capped with these shiny, silver caps...I do not like them, but they are a necessary evil. I will try to get pics, I have never seen caps on a kid before.

Today we spent the morning Christmas shopping, trying to keep it sane this year since Mister and I tend to overbuy for the boys. I wanted to bake gingerbread up for gingerbread houses but I ran out of molasses, damn stuff it sits in the pantry rarely getting used and then when I need it, I do not have enough. Tomorrow will be a trip to the grocery store.

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