Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been busy making cookies, well at least the dough. I thought this year I would try to make a couple cookie recipes each day and freeze one or two dozen then bake the rest. I freeze the cookie prior to baking by portioning out the cookies as if I were going to bake, then placing the cookie sheet in the freezer. After the cookies are frozen I drop them into a ziplock bag, labeled with their name. I am going to bake them up Christmas Day, so we have a wide variety of cookies to nibble on, hopefully they all bake up nicely. Today is sugar cookies and peanut butter surprises.

I received my Seed Saver's Catalog yesterday and have spent the day pining over the vegetables. I am marking the book trying to make decisions on what to buy this year. I hate having to choose, but seeing as how I do not have acres of land to plant I had better narrow my list down.

I tell you what staring at this has made it hard to think about anything but next year's garden. It is so lovely I started thinking about just cording off the entire South side of the yard and gardening. I really need some more land...SIGH

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