Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It came! It came! I have my NEW camera in my hot little hands. I was in mid-unloading washer into dryer when the doorbell rang and the FedEx man delivered my camera. So everything else was tossed to the wayside and I dived right into my GE X5 digital camera. I LOVE IT! Yes so far it is as dreamy as a quiet bubble bath with Zen music playing. Of course I cannot tell yet if it is a testament to GE or just a statement to how crappy Nikon's Coolpix was for me. The pictures are amazing, I have not printed one yet, so I will have to see how they turn out on paper, but the images are astounding, and the camera can be used in manual mode or automatic. In automatic it really corrects for alot of issues, the dog photographs beautifully, no glowing eye, the light in the house is dim, yet it looks like it is bright as day. I tried the worse shot, taking a picture through a window, and NO flash in the window shot, no glass glare at all. I am taking my camera to bed tonight, and tucking it in beside me. I love you GE X5.

Pictures coming soon. I am baking cookies right priorities are not totally out of whack. Cookies, Camera, then all household chores...geez give me some credit.

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