Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why start blogging?

I am not sure why, but I figured I had so many thoughts running around in my head that maybe I might write them down. I figured I would be more apt to writing if there is the slight chance I might get some feedback. I have found a few blogs that I really enjoyed following and they inspired me to commit my ramblings to cyberworld, however dangerous that might be.

I am not sure how so many people I see on here manage more then 3 kids, but I am at my limit. Three boys, 7, 3 and 19 months are more then a handful for me. With 2 I had a handle on it, I did not feel outnumbered, when the third one made it home from NICU I quickly realized I was outnumbered. I just hope that they become productive members of society, and my house does not crumble down around my ankles before they leave home.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I have been busy baking. This morning started out with my first try at homemade cranberry jelly, then using the leftovers to make cranberry bread (again an untested recipe) for tomorrow's breakfast. If that was not enough why not throw in my first attempt at homemade pop tarts and the pumpkin pie. Of course I have made pumpkin pie plenty of times and I love the recipe my mother passed down to me from my grandmother, however I could not just go with the tried and true but had to throw in a few changes. So either tomorrow is going to go REALLY well with all these awesome new recipes to add to my collection, or it will be a flop and the oldest son will be truly disappointed. K my oldest is a pumpkin pie lover. I have to laugh at myself because I am not one of those people that can change up recipes successfully, but that never stops me from trying. What better day to experiment on then Thanksgiving? Yeah not so much.

Today is the last day at school before the holiday break and K comes home really soon. So soon like I better get my butt of this chair get E and A's coats on and head down to the bus stop.


When will the day come that I am not sticking my nose next to someones tushy in order to inhale deeply of the malodorous diaper fillings? Stayed tuned for that answer...

Well I have to feed K and the poor birds are starving because I keep forgetting to fill the bird feeder, but after this last visit from the bear I agreed with my mom that we should not keep it completely filled.

Recipes to follow after taste testing tomorrow

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