Saturday, November 27, 2010


I had a lot of success with some new recipes I tried the past few days. My favorite was a homemade pop tart recipe that I found at the The crust was amazing I really appreciated the tips about baking the scrap pieces, which I did after I brushed them with the egg and sprinkled heavily with cinnamon sugar...YUM! Definitely going to be making these again soon. I have a huge pile of recipes to try and I will be going through them slowly and posting any I find worthy of a mention.

Now I turn my sights completely towards Christmas and my homemade gifts. I started sewing log cabin design potholders I am now starting to quilt them and for the first time ever...bind. I am jittery at the thought of attempting this because I have never done binding and I am doing it all by hand. Yes, no sewing machine yet I am in the market for one and I have my sights set on the Singer Confidence 7470. I love it, and I hope that it performs as well for me as it seems to for all the other people who have rated it.

I am a brand loyal type person, when I find a product and a company that treats me right I buy them FOREVER. I would talk about my Kitchen Aid mixer now, but I have so much more to say then I have room to write so I will continue that story tomorrow. I have to talk about a brand I loathe, Nikon. I bought a lower end model of their Coolpix and the POS has had the same mechanical failure twice, the first time I paid to have the repair done, the second I just applied duct tape and have continued to limp along with it until I can go out and buy a new camera. The issue is the battery door, there is so much pressure exerted on the door from the batteries it cracks and breaks so that the batteries do not stay in the camera-very unconducive to taking pictures. The other issue is the monitor on the back is losing pixels, they are literally going black so I have a large void that is growing larger and larger. The thing sucks!

Anyway enough complaining, I am thankful for my family my reason for taking pictures.

I am off to get my potholders put together and to plan my baking strategy, it is time to make candy. I will post my favorite marshmallow recipe later along with any successful recipes I make this week. Wish me luck.

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