Thursday, November 25, 2010

Totally off topic

Since I find myself like so many others today, stuffed with food I really do not want to write about Thanksgiving or food. I have something totally off topic to share. I was watching E and A, thick as thieves, playing under the table throwing cocoa puffs at each other then eating them off the dog hair-ridden carpet. The boys were giggling and really getting along, so naturally my thoughts went to our stroller. We have a side-by-side (2 kids) stroller, you know the jogging kind. The thing is awesome it is light weight, you can fit two kids in it and it is WAY easier to push then the other Cadillac-like strollers that I used to have. The one drawback, the kids sit next to each other, which in a utopia would be ideal because the older child would help the younger child and they would play together and maybe break out some show tunes to entertain me, maybe not. However, here in reality that is not what happens when the boys sit in the stroller together, what most often occurs is E (the 3-year-old) gets in and A (the 19-month-old) starts hitting E. Then E screams or yells at him after holding his arm and telling him no fails miserably. Then we all share a good cry. It is those times, the things you never think of when you start something, like a family that leave me mystified. Who would have thought I would have to tell someone to stop licking the fridge? Or what about all the times I have to remind K to get his hands out of his underwear; I swear he must think his penis is a worry stone. Life who could have guessed?

Well I am off now to ponder why it is they have a word for Turkey stuffed with chicken stuffed with duck and not one to describe a human stuffed with turkey stuffed with stuffing...turhumstuffin?

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