Monday, November 29, 2010

Paying Homage to my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Like I said, I have so much to say about my Kitchen Aid mixer that it qualifies for its own post. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I originally bought my Kitchen Aid sometime in 2005 and it was well-loved it made numerous cookie doughs, tons of mashed potatoes and loads of bread doughs. Kitchen Aid was more then just my best friend, it was my husbands wing man for many endeavours. (Que romantic music) We called on our Kitchen Aid weekly. Then one day in 2007 something happened and my Kitchen Aid took its last sigh and did not work anymore. I was sad, and decided to call Kitchen Aid to see about having my mixer repaired. Well the folks at Kitchen Aid were amazing, in times where customer service is a joke and I fully expected to speak to someone with an accent so heavy I could not understand them, even if I could have understand they would not have the authority to help me any. This was so not the case, they were American and they could and did help me. After a few questions about what sounds my mixer friend was making the customer service goddess on the other end said that they would ship me a new mixer ( I got to choose my color) for free and all I had to do was pack my old friend in the box and call the UPS carrier to come pick it up ALL FOR FREE! I have had my new bestest friend ever since. She stands on our counter, a near daily participant in our lives. I love that mixer and cannot imagine life without her, heck I have had her longer then 2 of my kids...what we have is serious. After all she has been there for my triumphs and my flubs, which most recently was just this morning, ever-faithful just like the Kitchen Aid customer service. Ever since I have been looking to make all my appliances and cookware Kitchen Aid.

Completely unrelated, just had to share one of those shake your head moments while I think to myself I cannot believe this is happening. Yesterday I went to gather the baby from his crib so that I could feed him breakfast. I opened the bedroom door and there he is standing up in his crib looking at me...pretty normal for most 19-month-old children, only he was butt naked and standing in poop. Apparently he decided upon soiling his diaper he would just remove his onsie pajamas, and his poopy diaper, discard them on the floor and then sit down and wait for someone to come rescue him. He must have been waiting a while and gotten cold which is why he was standing up most likely ready to let out a holler of distress. It was an interesting and unexpected way to start the day.

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