Monday, March 7, 2011


It has been a month of dealing with refuse both liquid and solid. We had septic issues, and while it was not as costly as it could have been it was not cheap. We had to have the honey dipper come out to pump out the tanks (we have two) which is 435 bucks. Yeah whatever, a necessary evil of septic systems, and especially here in the Delaware watershed where we have to have raised systems. EEEEWWW. Now the tanks are buried, but we have a mound for a leach field. It sucks to take care of and it worries me nearly year round. Ok, so back to our woes; the septic alarm went off, we had bigger problems then being full of shit. $960 later we have a new pump and wiring. I tell you what spending over 1K on my shitter was not what I expected to do this year. There is never a good time to live your plans, something will always pop up and surprise you. If I had waited to have kids until the time was right I would still be childless, if I waited to go rafting through the Grand Canyon until I had saved all the money I would have never went. I am thankful for all that I have  and try to remember that sometimes I just need to go do, live life, not waiting for the right moment because those rarely ever come.

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