Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wow has time been getting away from me lately. I really wanted to carve out some time for myself to sit down and just write, to make sure I remembered these days however tiring they may be. It seems all the boys have a head cold, and are miserable. I have finally managed to complete all the steps to volunteer at the boys' school; just have to get it to the office and annotated. I did fill out an application for Evan to go to preschool next fall, and I have been trying to figure out the swim lesson scheduling because as of right now it does not look like Kaleb and Evan's levels happen anywhere near the same time. But besides all the mundane bull crap I have tips, tips to jot down to try to remember to add to the boys survival/recipe books for when they are older. These are merely suggestions, they do not take place of seeing a doctor or doing what is best for you. I have just found these very helpful.

These tips came from a great friend, whose wisdom has helped me out of many times...

Coughing. When coughing keeps the kids up at night, slather the bottoms of their feet with Vicks Vapor Rub and put on some socks. Something about the menthol, it eases the coughing.

When cutting onions, keep a lit candle near the chopping block to help ease the crying. Also running the onion under cold water and keeping a window open, fresh air on the eyes is very soothing.

Salt is awesome. Anytime the boys get a bite or sting we take a teaspoon of salt and a couple drops of water, mix until it forms a gritty paste and then rub it on the bite. It's great, draws out the pain and itch.

more tips to come....

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