Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings

2011 ended with promises that 2012 might be a really good year for our little hoard. Today my husband started his new position, with a new company. Goodbye Sears and hello Kraft Foods. The change is eagerly anticipated however inevitably we are going to have to move. Moving itself is not a problem, it is all the details that bog me down that I dread. 
I have already started packing, anything nonessential, personal and extraneous is getting boxed up. The kitchen alone took 25 boxes, and I do still have a full kitchen which has lead me to the conclusion that I am a kitchen hoarder. I hoard kitchen items and for some reason I just cannot seem to let go of the ridiculously inane. I have 5 sets of measuring cups, 5 sets of measuring spoons, a shoebox full of utensils I never use and so much more. I have taken down all of our personal items that hung on the wall, began spackling the holes, along with all the wall dents the boys have created. I spent yesterday sanding down all the high spots so when we got to repaint it looks flawless (yeah, I attempt perfection allow me this delusion). 
Today I am packing up toys. Three boys means ALOT of toys and they do not even play with them all. I figure they will not even notice, and when they get the boxed toys back it will be like Christmas all over. I sorted through the boys books yesterday and made 3 piles; one to pack, one to leave out and the last is for a book swap the school holds every year. I never realized how many books these kids have. We do not buy books much these days because we use the libraries and we are given so many from friends and family. I have to say I am a huge fan of the recycle, reuse and second-hand items. 
Last year was a good year, even though it started out shaky. We had to replace the top of our raised septic mound for the cost of 7K and we took on some water in the basement after the hurricane came through the northeast. If we had a generator that would not have happened, but no electricity means no sub pump, and no sub pump plus a ton of rain means water in the basement. We did not have any damage to our home, but everything we owned in the basement has been damaged in some way. We literally filled a dumpster with damaged personal items. The year turned out ok, we managed to finance the mound, and as it turns out it was a fortunate turn of events as we need to sell our home and the mound would not have passed inspection. Things happen for a reason, and I am hoping that everything falls into place with this move.

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